• School Anthem •

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Our school’s conception college 
And it’s placed in Benin town 
A place that is rich in history,
For many miles around
We built our school around a moat
And having placed it there,
We named it after Mary mild,
And sought her loving care

The students come from miles around,
To learn and work and pray,
And yet there’s time for everyone,
To laugh and sing and play
There’s joy and fun and happiness,
And peace ashining through,
Because we’re placed beneath the shade 
Of Mary’s mantle blue.

The days pass by and students too,
Exams are passed and then,
The boys no longer stay as boys
They take their rules as men.
But still they live and still they pray
And keep in mind always,
That they’re beneath god’s mother’s love 
As in their student’ days.